Position Management & Position Classification

Good position management can be defined as a carefully designed position structure which blends the skills and assignments of employees with the goal of successfully carrying out NASA’s mission or program. Sound position management reflects a logical balance between employees needed to carry out the major functions of the organization and those needed to provide adequate support; between professional employees and technicians; between fully trained employees and trainees; and between supervisors and subordinates.

Good position management also requires consideration of grade levels for the positions involved. Grades should be commensurate with the work performed to accomplish NASA’s mission and should not exceed those grades needed to perform the work of the organizational segment. A carefully designed position structure will result in reasonable and supportable grade levels.

The position classification system clearly places upon federal agencies the authority and responsibility to establish, classify, and manage their positions. The need to achieve an economical and effective position structure is critical to the proper and responsible use of limited financial and human capital resources.

Since supervisors and managers play major roles in the management and classification of subordinate positions, they are responsible for assuring a sound position structure in the organizations they lead. The Federal classification system allows considerable freedom and flexibility for Federal managers to establish an organizational structure that is not only efficient and cost conscious, but also logical and benefits the efficiency of NASA.

Position Management utilizes two important processes, Position Classification and electronic Position Description System (ePDS).

Position Classification is the formal process of specifying the duties, responsibilities, grade, and level of compensation assigned to a position.

ePDS is an automated tool designed to assist managers in the development of position descriptions.

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