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Talent Acquisition Office (TAO), Code 113
Office Chief: Kha Nguyen

This office serves as the frontline provider of human capital talent in the right way at the right time - a critical gateway to the achievement of mission success.  Provides strategy and services in a broad range of areas including: staffing and placement, classification, compensation, and position management; and through ongoing relationships with supervisors and employees, provides first-responder information related to recruitment, employee relations, and development. Develops expertise in customer mission areas and requirements in order to offer timely, forward thinking consultation on how to attract, acquire and retain the leading edge talent required within customer organizations.  Balancing a Center-wide landscape of workforce planning, with an individual directorate customer service focus, this office uses a rich template of government-wide and NASA-wide flexibilities, programs, and tools to offer tailored recruitment and placement services today, for a dynamic and skilled workforce of tomorrow.

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Last Modified 04/24/2012