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Performance and Work-Life Dynamics Office (PWDO), Code 115
Office Chief: Brenda Despanza

Studies conducted by the Gallup Organization demonstrate clearly that engaged employees produce greater results, providing a significant return on an organization’s human capital investment; and disengaged employees can inhibit the success of an organization at a disproportionate rate.  How do we cultivate “engaged” employees, and set standards for the high performance we need to achieve mission success? Through the development and creation of a performance culture in which clear performance expectations are articulated, and meaningful distinctions are made in evaluating performance, individuals can find balance and meaning in the role their work plays in directly achieving mission. This office provides a broad range of services and expert advice, counsel and solutions to employees, supervisors, and managers in the areas of managing performance, performance accountability, employee relations, labor relations, awards and recognition, benefits, workplace flexibilities, and other elements that create a culture which promotes and fosters high performance and a rich quality of work-life.

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Last Modified 12/09/2011